Learning Networks


After meeting some Desmos people at an NCTM math conference a few years ago, I started following Desmos on Twitter. I have learned innovative ways to facilitate learning using Desmos. Things that were never thought of when I was in high school.


Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler’s website and advice has been crucial to implementing the use of Chrome Books and Google Suite in my classroom. She also gives great advice about getting to deeper understanding with students in the math classroom.



Jostens Renaissance is all about school culture and climate. My student council kids and I love being a part of this national community. We learn from each other, share ideas with each other, and build our schools to lift up those around us.



Do you need ideas for more in-depth discussions with your students, the parents of your students, your own kids? Classroom chef will guide you there!



The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics was the first professional learning network I joined when I began teaching. I have never left them. Researched based methods are the key here.



I first learned about TBRI through my foster care training classes. I not only use this at home with my kids, but at school will my students who are often times children from hard places. I recommend this to all teachers, especially those who teach at-risk students.



TODOS is math for all students, promoting equity and social justice in mathematics. The primary focus is Latino/a students, but their mission benefits all.


Control Alt Achieve

This is a great website run by Eric Curtis that shares the latest technology in the classroom. The focus is on utilizing technology to transform our classrooms.


Christine Pinto

This is a great place to find templates and reviews of activities to do in class that promote a deeper understand and utilize technology. There is a wealth of knowledge to be explored here!