Relationships: Staying Connected to Parents

Building relationships with parents and guardians have always been important in education. You've heard it preached: reach out to every parent at the beginning of the school year to make positive "deposits". The reason we were given was not altruistic, though. The reason was somewhat selfish. The main goal was to have a enough positive… Continue reading Relationships: Staying Connected to Parents


Learning Communities

Recently, I read a few articles about Learning Communities. I have been part of formal learning communities since I started teaching, and informal learning communities my entire life. The formal learning communities we usually call PLCs in the education world. Besides participating in PLCs, I've also had the opportunity to attend a PLC conference hosted… Continue reading Learning Communities

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Needs Assessment

Every campus has needs. Each campus has strengths, of course, but they also have needs. How do we identify and address those needs? One solution is a needs assessment. The first item to be addressed with my faculty would be purpose of a needs assessment. The purpose of any needs assessment is the same, whether… Continue reading Needs Assessment


Why an ePortfolio?

  Why would someone create an ePortfolio? Initially, probably because they were required to. But why would someone maintain an ePortfolio? Because they learned the benefits of keeping up with one. In reading 41 Benefits of an ePortfolio by Dr. Dwayne Harapnuik, many benefits from the upkeep of an ePortfolio are clearly outlined. Of all the… Continue reading Why an ePortfolio?


Practicum, APA, and the Principal Exam

Throughout my completion of the practicum and course activities, I have learned a lot about scholarly writing, action research reports, and leadership skills. With still 8 months left of my practicum, I'm glad I decided to organize and color code the chosen activities to complete. I have done well to keep track of my practicum… Continue reading Practicum, APA, and the Principal Exam


Participative Leadership

Last year, I knew the SBDM existed, but I did not sit on a meeting until the last one of the school year. I was not sure what the committee did as that last meeting was just going over checklists and evaluations for the school. I had several assumptions about the SBDM committee before becoming… Continue reading Participative Leadership