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Happy New Year!

I believe in “practicing what I preach”. For two years I taught financial skills to high school seniors, and recently I’ve had the opportunity to teach similar skills to adults. The lessons are a bit different as with kids the message was “Don’t get in debt!” and the message with adults is “Get out of debt!” We are still in the process of getting out of debt, but it’s happening. For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some tips.
You might ask – why post about this when everything here has been about schools? Why financial tips? It’s simple: money troubles affect your entire world. If you’re stressed about money at home, the stress will soon materialize at your place of work. And as every teacher and administrator knows, we don’t get to have bad days. We need to be on our A-game 100% of the time. Getting things right at home are a way to help with that.
Now is the time to make some changes! When is the last time you checked your car and home insurance policies? Did you know it is best practice to check prices every 6 months? It’s easy these days – all you have to do is fill out some info online and you get a quote within 5 minutes! If you check four companies, that’s 20 minutes of your time. You can do that during the commercials of your favorite TV show or sports game!
My next question for you – what is your deductible? If you have at least $1000 in your emergency fund, then you need to bump up your car insurance deductible to $1000. We just saved $257 a year by doing so!
So stay on the phone you checked this e-mail on and start checking insurance companies!
(and read this for info on how to get every discount available to you).
*Here are some to get you started:
One last thing! Will you take this survey for me? It will take you literally 5 seconds! Thanks, good people!


To see the beautiful version of this post, click here – FTFN-Car Insurance

*I am not affiliated with these companies. They are just the first that show up on a quick Google search.

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