Digital Learning

Digital Learning & Leading

I love using technology in the classroom. It gives my students and I access to the world and to each other. I can easily give feedback on assignments while kids are working on them with the addition of Chrome Books this year. It also allows for a different type of organization than I have ever required in my math classes. Currently, we are in our first year of our one-to-one initiative and it has gone quite smoothly. Amazing, one hundred percent of the teachers are on board and using their Chrome Books. Of course, everyone is at a different level.

As we make our way through this initiative, I am a “Digital Innovator” which means I am a “go-to” person for technology questions. My goal is to always be this person. I want to continue to learn everything about the technology that is available to us at the school. It’s difficult sometimes. There have been instances with new technology that I just wanted to give up and go back to the old way, but knowing people are counting on me to have the answers really is a motivator.

In my life, I believe I have always leaned more towards a growth mindset and I believe that is because of my parents. They did not praise me for my intelligence; they praised me for my hard work. They taught me that working on the farm in between semesters of college was honorable (and FUN!). They taught me that grades do not matter. If you work your hardest and that results in a “C”, then be proud of that “C”. However, if any of us kids got a 99% on a test and did not study, we were not praised. We were told we did not work to the best of our ability. It had nothing to do with the grade. It had everything to do with keeping us from celebrating laziness. I try to take this mindset with me in everything I do. I will work hard and do my best. I will learn from my mistakes and grow. I thank my parents for this dedication to this way of thinking and living life.

Having this growth mindset allows me to be a better leader. Technology is always changing. It can be easy to develop a fixed mindset in regards to technology because of the time and effort it takes to become proficient in each new development. However, as a leader, I must be willing to take the time to learn and know pertinent technology in order to support others in my organization.

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